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Our safe, and quick trash removal services are affordable and easy to use.  Simply click here for a free online quote, or dial (618) 252-0172 for our friendly customer service representatives and local trash pickup!

Thank you for choosing Bulldog Systems Incorporated as your local safe waste removal company.  Because we are locally owned and operated, our trash collection services may cost less than your average trash service driving long distances.  We offer competitive rates to all our customers and neighbors in the Heartland.

Because our costs are lower, we pass those savings on to you and your family or business.  We are not part of a nationally owned chain.  We are 100% American Local Family Owned, so you have our guarantee, “Our hard working Americans are on the job for you”.

Save money and enjoy the good clean things in life.  Thank you for allowing us to remove unwanted waste as your local trash collection service.

Municipal waste removal company


Welcome to Bulldog Systems Inc.  We specialize in serving the communities of the Heartland by safely removing unwanted waste.  We serve residential, commercial, public, private, and non profit organizations with their waste management requirements.  Examples of locations near you which we service:

  • City Parks
  • Local Schools
  • Courthouses
  • Government Buildings
  • Public Works Facilities
  • Churches
  • Construction Sites
  • Residential Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Industrial Parks
  • Airports
  • Commerce Centers
  • Much More

If you, your family, your friends, and or your business needs fast waste removal, call your local professionals at:

Bulldog Systems Incorporated

Your Local Municipal Waste Management and Disposal Company



Bulldog Systems Incorporated


Illinois Waste Removal Company

Bulldog Systems, INC

Thank you for choosing us as your local trash removal service.

Our family owned and operated waste management company removes unwanted waste from the homes and businesses of the Heartland.  Bulldog Systems Incorporated was founded in 2002 as a cost-effective way to remove unwanted waste.

We remove residential waste from homes, neighborhoods condo complexes, apartment buildings, retirement communities and more..

We remove commercial waste from local businesses, factories, construction projects,, remodeling jobs, schools, hospitals, churches, and sites like yours.

We serve almost every type of industrial safe waste disposal need with a variety of Roll Off Waste Containers for large projects needing large tonnage removed.

We also support our fellow trash removal friends with our Metropolis Transfer Station.  An affordable solution to bulk trash removal.  Contact us here to speak with our corporate sales department.

Bulldog Systems, Inc. provides quick, friendly, LIVE local customer service!

Dial (618) 252-0172 to speak directly with our helpful representatives M-F 9-4.

You can also request a quote here, quickly and easily 24H 7Days a Week!

We love working in the Heartland and serving Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Indiana as your locally owned trash removal company.  Thank you for your valuable business and referrals.



Illinois Waste Management


Bulldog Systems Incorporated

Providing Illinois Waste Management since 2002

We appreciate our customers!

Bulldog Systems Incorporated was founded over 10 years ago as an affordable waste removal service.  We are American family owned and operated!  Our JOB is to help neighbors save money and safely remove unwanted waste.

We can pick up trash at special events, concerts, schools, colleges, churches, businesses, neighborhoods, commercial construction sites, hospitals, just about everywhere!

It’s easy to work with Bulldog Systems!

Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana Waste Removal and Management

Click here for a quick and easy online quote.  A live customer rep will respond with your customized quote!

Or you can always give our office a call M-F 9-4 at (618) 252-0172

Our friendly customer representatives are ready to assist you.  Call today!

Don’t let your waste management become a hassle.  Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can get back to business and enjoy fun clean living.

Thank you for choosing Bulldog Systems Incorporated for local trash removal.